MoulinRouche Drapes & Black/White Drapes

Welcome to our latest BRAND. Made in the UK, due to popular demand, We now produce these as a regular line.  Better known as Austrian Curtains. Very traditional and can be made to size and in many colours. Please contact us using the contact form and one of our team will get straight back to you.

The Austrian curtain or Austrian drape, also called a puff curtain, has multiple vertical

and usually nylon lines distributed evenly across the length of the fabric (often a thin satincharmeuse, or chiffon material that bunches up well). Each of these lines runs through a pulley at the top of the curtain and then over to ahead block. From there, they each lead and down to a mechanical winch necessary to raise the curtain (which is much too heavy for one person to raise). As the winch turns and curtain rises, it is collected in a series of swags accentuated by horizontal pleats called festoons sown into the curtain from top to bottom. In this sense, it has both vertical and horizontal fullness. Austrian curtains reached their height of popularity in the mid twentieth century. They are visually very aesthetic, require little fly space overhead, and are relatively simple to operate as long as the winch can bear the load. However, they are very complex to rig and are the most expensive kind of curtain to construct. If you require lines for the pulley system, please enquire for a quote.